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guardian warm roof

You can now change your old conservatory roof for a new GuardianTM roof and effectively turn your old conservatory into a new extension that can be used all year round. The complete changeover takes just a few days with very minimal disruption to your household.

The roof system is designed to replace the existing glass or Polycarbonate roof of a conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls. At the same time providing substantial energy cost savings.

Fully tested and approved to all thermal and Structural standards, the GuardianTM roof is a high performance insulated roof system comprising of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood,
vapour membrane and a choice of external tile finishes.

transform your conservatory

into a comfortable, all year round living space.

There are several roof design options to choose from when considering transforming your conservatory roof, the GuardianTM Warm Roof System is the biggest revelation to hit the home improvement market in the last ten years.

Whatever style you choose you can be sure that our expert sales team can advise the right style for you for the best price. A Guardian Warm roof is perfect for refurbishment, adding to existing extensions or new build projects.

guardian roof

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energy rated windows & doors

plantotherm total pdf brochure

Click on the above image to view our brochure about plantotherm® total+ advanced performance low-E glass.

At Rydale we fit A rated windows as standard which can save over £250 off your heating bill in the first year alone as A rated windows reduce heat loss by more than 20%. Modern energy rated windows not only reflect heat back into your home but will also retain heat from solar gain.

Fitting A rated windows to your home is one of the most effective ways to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Non energy rated windows waste energy equating to 0.7 tonnes of CO2 per year.

12 easy steps

Transform your living environment

Building work of any kind can be a daunting process. The GuardianTM

Service Package is the hassle-free way to achieve the roof conversion you want. We will manage your project and keep you informed at every stage, providing a seamless process from your original inquiry, through Planning Permission to final installation and Certification.

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  • Remove existing glass roof & replace with Guardian Warm Roof ring beam.

  • Watertight envelope in 1 day.

  • Fix box gutter to existing wall.

  • Fix ring beam to existing windows

  • Fit rafter to ring beam Install external insulation.

  • Choose option from Edwardian conservatory or Victorian conservatory.

  • Install roof windows frame

  • Install roof window

  • Fix rafter cap and ridge

  • Install insulation between batton.

  • Fit gutter.

  • Plaster ceiling.

guardian warm roof

The Guardian Warm Roof conversion system has been designed to provide a high performance thermal and structural solution with zero condensation risk over the life of the roof.

Download our brochure by clicking on the image on the right hand side.

guardian warm roof brochure


Homeowners are looking for a cost effective way of retaining existing floor space whilst improving the energy efficiency of the structure. To meet this need homeowners are choosing to replace obsolete translucent roofs with solid ones.

This guidance has been produced to advise and inform suppliers, builders, architects and design consultants on the Building Regulations that will apply to the replacement of a translucent roof to a conservatory or porch with a solid roof.

The preferred option for many homeowners is a lightweight composite solid roof. Some roofs have a LABC Registered Detail that provides an approved design, quality control and accredited installation. Other options may simply under-draw or over-clad existing poly-carbonate roofs. Or replace the existing roof with a traditional tiled roof that may not have taken into account the adequacy of the existing structure to carry increased loading.

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Our team of expert fitters have a wealth of experience and are recommended for there polite, courteous and tidy approach.

labc guidance on solid roofs

labcs guidance on solid roofs

care & maintenance

rydale windows maintenance leaflet

For information on how to maintain your new windows, doors and conservatories please click on the image to view or download our brochure.