Aluminium Verandas & glassrooms 

Rydale Windows offer a range of high-quality aluminium verandas that are perfect for enjoying your garden all year round. Our glass or polycarbonate verandas are perfect rain protection products. This means the party can carry on even if it starts to rain.

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Enjoy your outside space whatever the weather with aluminium verandas or glassrooms by Rydale windows

We have a team of professional veranda installers who have years of combined industry experience. We offer a full supply and fit service and will ensure all your needs are met. We can install a range of motorised, glass or polycarbonate verandas with different size, colour and design options. With years of industry experience, you can count on us to install a high-quality veranda for you.

Having researched the home improvement market for many years, we have identified a huge growth in verandas, patio-roof covers, canopies and similar structures in continental Europe. The demand for polycarbonate verandas in the Netherlands and glass verandas in Germany has given us the best contacts to provide modern outdoor living to our customers in the West Midlands.

For more information or to discuss a veranda with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

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At Rydale Windows we offer 2 polycarbonate roofed verandas


The Verso veranda is the most affordable and popular in our range. This is partly due to it being available in a large number of design choices ranging from a modern looking rounded gutter to your more classic decorative gutters. The customisation does not stop at the gutters either, as there are also multiple different posts to match, ensuring a design that fits your garden and home styling. You can also change the colours of the Verso as it is available in Grey, White and Cream. The Verso veranda comes at the standard dimensions of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters wide and 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 meters deep although these can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Because the Verso is built using a modular system, there isn't a situation this veranda can't be used to improve your garden. We can install the Verso with an assortment of roofing options. You can choose between Solar Controlled, Clear, Ultra Clear and Opaque for your polycarbonate roofing. This is just another way that you can ensure the veranda is perfect for your uses.

You also have the option to fit your veranda with LED Lighting, Glass Sliding Doors and Sidewalls as optional extras. Just contact our team to find out how these can be worked into your design.


The WideSpan has a maximum span between the posts of 6m, thanks to our steel-reinforced gutters, allowing for the entire build to be supported by two pillars. This Combined with our modern, stylish, elegant yet sturdy look makes the WideSpan Veranda the perfect option for customers looking for the comfortable experience with a view uninterrupted by a central post. The WideSpan offers a unique option, unlike anything else in our range.

The WideSpan has a number of customisable options to go with its open experience. The frame can be constructed in white, grey or cream with the polycarbonate roof coming in both clear or opaque transparencies. This can be used to help fit in with the rest of your property while also adding an additional feeling of freedom or privacy. We can also fit the WideSpan with sliding doors, sidewall and LED Lighting to help create the perfect veranda option for you.

Glass veranda

The Glass Veranda is a high-end aluminium veranda with a steel reinforced guttering and frame. This allows the frame to have safety glass installed for the roofing. The safety glass makes it possible to have outstanding, clear roofing to maximises sunlight and view the nature around you with ease. The Glass Veranda also comes with the additional options of LED lighting to illuminate the area when it gets dark.

By default, the Glass Veranda comes in a 4,5,6 and 7 meter width although this can be extended to meet any width you may require. The Glass Veranda has a depth ranging for 2.5 meters up to 4 meters and can be customised to be cream, white or grey. You also get a choice of classic decorative guttering or a more modern rounded style. The styling also continues down to the posts where you can choose between round and square posts. The Glass Veranda can also be installed with a side gate or wall to help fit any style.

Sliding glass doors

Turn your veranda into a Glassroom with our sliding glass doors. These can also be installed into any existing structure. Just let us know the size of the gap. (2m to 3m in height)

Motorised verandas

Rydale also offers more exclusive, motorized verandas in a range of styles and options. Louvred roofed verandas and awning roofed verandas are available. For more information, give us a call.

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Enjoy your outside space what ever the weather with aluminium verandas or glassrooms by Rydale Windows

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